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New Website!

So. Welcome to my new website! Hope you like it and find it easy to navigate. Its been a journey I tell ya!

But one thing I've learned...well I've learned many things...but one fascinating fallout of building a new website is that it forces you to really examine who you are and what you do. It makes you stake claim in your work. Right? Who are you? Who am I?

So I really wanted to pare down. I mean...I do a lot of things. (Did you notice?) but building a new website made me focus on what it is I truly do and ALL the things I do have to do with building, shaping and telling story. I didn't realize this so extensively before. I am a storyteller in all I do. I tell other people's stories on stage as an actor. I write my own stories as a playwright and author. I listen and help shape stories in my documentary theatre work. I try to change the narrative being told in my advocacy work. I help organizations and leaders tell their story through my corporate training. I even help people tell their story as I officiate their wedding. And I always try to add a dash of humor. My roots are in comedy and improv. Comedy heals. Comedy connects. Comedy opens...people and hearts. And doors. So yeah, there's comedy involved in all I do.

So this is me. I'm a storyteller. Can I help you tell yours?

P.S. Older blogposts have been copied below. Take a look at the archives....

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