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This is me.

CURRENT: in a SOLD OUT run of THE ROOT BEER LADY at The History Theatre in St. Paul, MN!

I am a actor, writer, storyteller and artist/advocate. For over 20 years, I have worked at many national theatres as an actor and writer. (Please see my actor page for resume and acting bio) In 2008, I wrote and performed the solo show, "The F Trip". And in 2009, I was commissioned to travel to the Middle East as an artist/activist to meet with Iraqi refugees and write a play inspired by the trip. I ended up falling in love with a refugee, forever changing my life. Out of that came the play "No Place Called Home" which I performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as part of World Refugee Day and off Broadway in NYC in 2010, as well as a national tour. I was then invited to share my story in book form with the Veteran's Book Project. That book is titled "Story Diary" and was published in 2010. Compelled to further share my fuller story and continue to advocate for refugees worldwide, I authored the memoir, “Three Days in Damascus” (Palewell Press, 2016). Now also available on audiobook. I  now gratefully tour with the book and speak on refugee issues. I also recently contributed a chapter on my refugee experience for the academic Journal, "Conflict and Forced Migration," edited by Gil Richard Musolf (Emerald Publishing 2019).

I can assist with editing or dramaturgical work, as well as ghost writing.


In addition, I'm an improviser! As an improvisation teacher and trainer for almost 20 years, I have helped individuals and organizations become more dynamic, committed, joyful and successful in a playful, organic and non-threatening way, to help them discover what stories they as leaders, teams and organizations are telling and what story they want to tell, to help participants lead a more authentic life. Improvisation also informs how I teach and coach writers. I believe improv should inform our full lives. short, I gather, tell, shape and write stories...with joy.

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What I offer...

I can act in your play.

I can perform plays I have written.

I can write a new play.

I can help you write yours.

I can read from my book.

I can edit yours.

I can teach you memoir writing.

I can speak on refugee issues.

I can sell you refugee art.

I can tell a story at an event or in your living room.

I can teach you how to tell a story.

I can offer you an artist residency in Mexico.

I can marry you. Legally. (Not in Mexico.)

I can private coach you.

I can visit your organization to teach you new skills in new ways.

I can help you speak dynamically.

I can help you communicate clearly.

I can help you lead authentically.

I can teach you to live deliberately.

This is me. Who are you?

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