The Author
Story Diary
Published as part of the Veterans Book Project
Written by Kim Schultz

The next house had eight people living in one small apartment and they were all fighting to talk, to tell me their story. I couldnít keep up and my head was pounding, spinning. So many voices and translations and stories.

When will this stop? Iím so tired.

An uncle died. Someone worked for US. Want to see my papers? They killed the child. Neighbor kidnapped. We need help! We have nothing. I realize I must have stopped listening because suddenly someone starts to sing and laugh and then the father rises to dance and the brother and the children join him and then the mother rises and before I know it all the family members are up dancing, doing the traditional Iraqi dance, the Debke and then I am dancing. We are all laughing and singing and dancing. What happened? How am I dancing right now? All I feel is joy and release and happiness. And then I accidentally knock over my teacup. It shatters and I stop dancing, horrified. Everything stops. But then the mother grabs my arm, looks me square in the eyes

"No! Dance!"

And so we did.


A small, poetic book about witnessing a crisis
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