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Three Days in Damascus

A memoir by Kim Schultz

Published by Palewell Press, Fall 2016

THREE DAYS IN DAMASCUS is a memoir about Kim's 3-year fight for the man she loved through a war, refugee crisis and even an arranged marriage.

With roughly 65 million refugees worldwide including approximately five million Iraqis displaced from their homes since the U.S. led invasion, this urgent, moving and often humorous memoir examines the lives of dozens of Iraqi refugees, including one named Omar, trying desperately to survive in a world blind to their plight.

Breaking assumptions, stereotypes and expectations, the author fights for Omar in a whirlwind Middle Eastern romance and subsequent three-year intercontinental, internet relationship in the shadow of a revolution.

THREE DAYS IN DAMASCUS is the story of an American woman and an Iraqi man, of an epic journey to safety. Itís a story of culture, devastation, redemption and hopeÖa story that isnít supposed to be a love story.

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